Real Girl Style: Sea Foam

6 Sep

Although this look is simple, it’s really one of my favorite ways to dress in the heat of the summer. Cute tank, white shorts, a braid in my hair and I’m ready to go! 

I love the color of this sea foam green, especially with white and because of the color, there was no better place to do outfit photos than at the beach.

{Tank: Forever 21, Shorts: American Eagle, Bangles: QVC}

Driving home from my trip to St. Augustine, we decided to take a little bit of the scenic route along A1A. There are so many beautiful stretches of beach along this road and even more beautiful homes on the water.

As much as I love the color combination of this tank, my favorite part is the beautifully designed back. When I’m wearing a top as simple as this I like when it has a little extra something to separate it from the usual.

{Flagler Beach, Florida}

This has nothing to do with today’s post, but how excited are you for The Rachel Zoe project? New season starts tonight!


Looks for Less: Cameron Diaz

5 Sep


The Look…
Cameron Diaz looks fabulous, as usual, in this simple yet chic look. Her colored denim is hot now and into fall, makeing this a perfect transition look for both seasons.

If the weather is a little bit chilly in the morning or evening, she has a blazer. But if the sun heats things up in the afternoon, she looks just as stylish without the blazer wearing the white tank and jeans.

The Look for Less…

1. Blazer- Forever 21- $25

2. Gold Bangle- Charm & Chain- $38

3. Colored Denim- Kohls- $32

4. Basic Tank- Target- $9

5. Nude Heel- Asos- $42

This look is extremely versatile because it is easy to make small changes that either pump up or tone down the look. Keeping the jewelry simple and rolling up the sleeves of the blazer make it perfect for daytime, running errands.

By adding bolder jewelry, a pop of color with a platform heel and changing out the thank, this look easily transitions into evening.

Fashion Beauty Friend Friday: 5 MUST HAVE Fall Trends

2 Sep


Although I haven’t done the last few Fashion Beauty Friends Friday’s I’m ready to jump back in with my favorite topic as of late, Fall Trends!

This weeks question…

Name your five favorite fall trends and how you plan to wear them this season.

And my favorite trends are…

Links Below:

1) Cape: Victoria’s Secret- $158- I’ve had my eye on a cape since last fall/winter and would love to add one to my closet this year. Capes look great dressed up or dressed down and this one especially is perfect for me because it has a hint of leopard in the sleeve! 

2) Faux Fur Vest: Revolve Clothing- $57- In case you didn’t know, Florida doesn’t really have winter as a season. It’s almost possible to get away without even wearing a jacket because it’s not THAT cold most of the time. That’s where a faux fur vest comes into play. It is just the right amount of warmth when I’m out & about but still super chic!

3) Leather Skirt: The OutNet- $135- There’s just something about a leather skirt with a soft sweater and tights that I love for fall! It’s a classic piece that I know I will wear for years to come.

4) Bordeaux: $8- This is not a specific fashion item but I must have something in the color bordeaux this fall! Booties, tights, a sweater, doesn’t matter to me, even this nail polish will do.

5) Leopard Print Blouse: Ann Taylor- $88- If you’re a regular reader of my blog, you’ll be familiar with my love for leopard. This leopard blouse is a must have but it is also an I have because I ordered it online last weekend! I just couldn’t wait for fall. I know I will probably over-wear this blouse and probably even wear it with some of the other items on my must have list. Maybe with a little bordeaux polish perhaps?

What are your must haves for fall?

Pretty Polish: Hue Left a Message?

1 Sep

I innocently made a quick trip into Sally Beauty a few days ago with no plans to buy nail polish, but of course the lure of the pretty polish was too much for me to resist!

I’ve been laying off the glitter polish for a few weeks now, but my obsession was reignited when I saw this sparkling color (kinda starting to sound like I’m addicted).

This dusty rose glitter called ‘Hue Left A Message?’ by Finger Paints (sold exclusively at Sally’s) is my version of subtle, slightly more ‘appropriate‘ glitter because it’s not in a crazy, bright color. It’s actually very feminine and since summer was all about bright polish, this is a nice color to transition into fall.

Reading: Parisian Chic

30 Aug


Parisian Chic is a style guide that shares personal style and beauty secrets from France’s icon of chic, Ines de la Fressange.

As Ines shares in chapter 1, you don’t need to be born in Paris to have Parisian style because “Parisian style is an attitude, a state of mind“. It’s more about fashion that’s based on quality and fun rather that what look or designer is trendy. One rule of the art of shopping? “If you keep a clear head when faced with such an abundance of choice, you’ll keep a wardrobe free of things you’ll never wear“.

Some of my favorite tips from Parisian Chic cover how to avoid being “a fashion victim”.

Think First- Ask yourself ‘If I buy this, will I want to wear it tonight?’

Assimilate Trends- A Parisian woman ‘knows what’s in‘ but she won’t ‘follow current trends slavishly’. She will wear the trend in such a way as to ‘proclaim her credentials as a woman of style, not a follower of the herd’.

Don’t Buy Works of Art- We’ve all done it. Bought an article of clothing because we loved it, but in reality doesn’t work for our style, life, and what we already have in the closet. (I’ve unfortunately done this a few too many times in the past!) Ines tells us to ‘think about how the piece will integrate into your wardrobe. Recognizing fashion’s limits is an art in itself!’

Ines also talks about ‘brilliant basics’ every wardrobe should have like a blazer, navy sweater, perfect jeans, and a leather jacket. But she doesn’t just stop at clothes, Parisian Chic covers accessories, ‘what to wear, when’, ‘how to give your style a facelift’, Parisian beauty, and even how to give your home the Parisian Chic feel!

*All quotes taken directly from Parisian Chic*

Have you read Parisian Chic? What do you think about the tips and topics Ines covered?


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